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STU GRANICK was born August 7, 1935 in Chicago Illinois. He began his career as an accountant and later went on to start a company called HIP Products with several of his friends. HIP Products brought unique, fun and creative products to the youth market in the late 60’s and early 70’s. HIP Products had highly popular and successful retail stores and became so big that they eventually sold to a large retail group.

Stu’s passion for the sale continued at MANTEK, a chemical company in Texas. As he crafted his art of selling and became the sales manager in the Midwest territory he used promotional products with every pitch. So, when the opportunity arose to sell promotions he took the courageous leap in 1979 and started Creative Promotions and cleared his business with his mentor and dear friend. It was always said that, “Stu could sell ice to an Eskimo”!

Stu was driven to become the best at everything he did and selling promotions was no different. Once he became a grandfather, he wanted his grandchildren to understand who he was and what was important to him. So, Stu started a monthly Contact, as he called it, which was a compilation of quotes, words of wisdom, and thoughts that he wrote for the grandchildren. As they were too young at the beginning to read and understand, he started sending the Contact to his children and family. Then he started sending them to his friends, customers and acquaintances that he thought he could help. Every Contact was personally signed and mailed every month until he couldn’t write any longer.

Stu passed away in October 2013.  So, in his honor and as a way of continuing Stu’s passion for paying it forward and helping others,  this section will share all of Stu’s wisdom and words of advice. Come back as often as you like. Share and use his words and thoughts, as that is what Stu would have wanted most. Enjoy!

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