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April 13, 2016

Who Are You?

Dear Sharon,

When you dream of who you could be, what do you imagine? Does who you are now, really reflect who you want to be, or are you the result of what others have told you what they thought you should be? Many times, we become what others think we should be – accountants, homemakers, doctors, or lawyers and we lose our authentic selves.

When we lose the rhythm of who we really should be, we make the mistake of thinking the cure is in doing the right thing, while the real cure is in being the right person. Because someone along the way told us that we couldn’t or shouldn’t, we believed them and became the wrong person.

Many times, we feel trapped and we lose the sense of who we really are; we get so use to what we do and feel that we really don’t have a chance to be what we dream we should be.

The following is an eighteenth century story that was told many years ago to point out some answers to the same problems people had then.

“Long ago in a far away land, there was a strange type of mold that affected the grain in the fields. The king knew that if his people ate this grain, they would lose their minds and go mad. He discussed this problem with his chief advisor, and they decided to store the affected grain in a selected warehouse while trying to find a remedy.

Time passed, all the other storehouses were empty, and there was still no remedy for the affected grain. The king decided that it was better to feed the affected grain to his people and have them loose their minds than have them starve to death.

“ I too will eat this grain,” he told his advisor, “so that I will be like my people – lost in madness. From that shared place I will be able to lead them.”

“But what of me” asked the advisor, “ I will advise you but you will not understand me.”

“You too must eat of the grain” said the king, “But there is one more thing. Before we eat the grain, I will order all my people to put a mark on there forehead. Every morning they must look a their reflection and see this mark and ask themselves who they really are.”

This is how the story ends: and this is how it ends for many of us. Having been fed the stuff that shatters dreams, we are left wondering who we really are. What would have happened if we followed our dreams and visions to find our mark and the real purpose of our lives?

This doesn’t have to happen to you. Make your dreams happen now and your life as you really want it to be. They are all possible when the barriers and obstacles are removed and made to disappear.

“To dream is not to fantasize. To dream is to create first in your heart and then in your mind, and then in the world in which we all live.”.
The following is good advice to follow and share with the ones you love.

The people
In your life, mirror your world.
If they are hollow, dull, and cruel
So will you see your life.
If they are loving, inspirational, and supportive
You will reflect their beauty.

It is most important
That the company you keep
Reflect the life you wish to live.

Choose your companions wisely,
Seek your teachers well’
Consider carefully the ones you engage
In serious conversation.

Look into the eyes of those who surround you
And you will see a reflection of yourself.
Your Friend,

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