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January 18, 2017

Where Is There?

Dear Rick,

There…. Is for most of us, the place we dream about. The place where everything is perfect and everything you wish for comes true, like money, great love, security, caring friends, children you can be proud of, accomplishment beyond your wildest dreams. That is what getting there is all about.

Like, if only I could stay up as long as I wanted to, boy I would be there.

As soon as I get old enough to own my own car and I can go wherever I want to, boy, I’ll be there.

If I could only have a dog that I could love and take care of, boy I would be there.

So when you get there what happens? You know you are supposed to be happier than other people. Not only are you constantly being told how lucky you are, but even if you wanted sympathy, you couldn’t have it because you don’t need it… you are there.

Along the way to your success, you believe consciously or subconsciously that everything will be better once you reach the pinnacle. Success is widely assumed to be the pinnacle. However, success doesn’t bring everyone to the perfect state of happiness that we envisioned. We find instead unexpected pressures and disillusionment. Happiness is elusive and illusionary, and when arriving there you find that there isn’t really there.

Disappointments, mistakes that are made, and the time consuming nature of your work, all help cut you off from the place you think is there…

A predisposition for happiness exists independently from what a person achieves in life. It may or may not be a factor in his success, but happiness isn’t based so much on what happens to the person as on his own nature. Happiness is, a way of viewing life.

Almost all the people you ask that have gotten there say that happiness doesn’t come from getting there, and money does not necessarily buy happiness, but it does remove the reason for unhappiness—that is caused by lack of money. In life, no one is happy who doesn’t think he is.

There…. Is a nice place to be as long as you don’t stay there too long and you don’t dwell too much to keep you from moving on.

Remember that there is really never there, and you should only really get there when you stop. For me that is not being alive.

I wish you the continued search for getting there, and never giving up in looking for it and in my opinion not finding it.

I invite you all to help us find there. Please e-mail me at stu@creativepromo.net and answer the question where is there for you? I will share with all of you the answers and maybe we can find there sooner than in my version.

So …………….There !!!!!!!

Your Friend,


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