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August 3, 2016


Dear Friend,

Everyone should have a daily gratitude exercise. It will change your life completely, because you will notice things you may have seen before but never thought of or focused on before.

Most of us are not consciously aware of the abundance and the many gifts we have in our lives. By gratitude exercising, we develop a sense of appreciation. Even on the most challenging days, we will always find some things for which to be grateful.

An interview with a converted homeless person reveals how being grateful for the little things are more understood when you come back from homelessness.

“What am I most grateful for?” he finds that he answers with things that most people take for granted. He gives thanks for the smell of fresh clean sheets. He didn’t have sheets when he lived in the streets. He gives thanks for the clean clothes he has and the opportunity to help others and to contribute at a higher level. He believes that his gratitude attracted all the extra good he has learned to do and the extra he has received.

Being grateful in advance for the things we are about to receive seems to make what we want come sooner and in more abundance. I believe it happens because whatever we focus on consistently, will expand.

Be grateful for your health, your home, the electricity that lights the room, your friends, the fresh air you breath, the rains that bring the flowers and the beauty of the sunset. Be grateful for the gifts of choice and free will, the birds that sing, the warmth of a burning fire in a fire place, the change of seasons, the gift of a new day, the variety in music, the stars in the sky. Air conditioning, hot water coming from a faucet, the ability to see a smile and return it, living in an abundant country like the U.S.A.

One of the most powerful statements you can make is “I am grateful for……”

Always be grateful and you will never be without.

“We all need an education in the obvious.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Your Friend,


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