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May 6, 2016

Expand Your Boundaries

Dear Friend,

Any problem can be solved by expanding the boundaries that contain it.

You should develop attitudes that help you see that everything is possible. Solutions that lie beyond your frame of reference will be available to you if you believe they will come.

The doors that bar us from fulfilling our dreams are really imaginary. If we don’t see the doors they won’t stop us from going through.

The only reason there is an opening or opportunity out there, is because someone has assumed it can’t be filled. All that is necessary is for you to take your place and fill it.

Franz Kafka tells a story “Before the law”. It’s about a man who spends his entire life trying to gain access to “the law” and is prevented by a doorkeeper. At the end of the story Kefka writes that the man …….. Has not very long to live.

Before he dies, all his experiences in these long years gather themselves in his head to one point; a question he has not asked the gatekeeper. He waves him nearer, since he can no longer raise his stiffened body ……… “Everyone tries to reach the law,” says the man,  “So how does it happen that for all these many years no one but myself has begged for admittance?” the doorkeeper recognizes that the man has reached his end, and to let his failing senses catch his words roars in his ear, “No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. ………. Now I ’m going to close it.”

We must teach our children and ourselves never to build imaginary gates or doors to keep ourselves out of dreams and desires. We must be constantly aware of building the gates that keep us out, and instead expand the boundaries that keep us in.
…. So we will always have room and a reason to forgive a friend or relative for what they have done to us.
…. So we will never stop looking for a new solution to solve problems that seem to never go away.
…. So we never give up on our dreams.

Saying that life is a journey is more than a cliché. It is a perspective. You must go beyond your most basic assumptions of what is true and possible.

You must go forward with your life and into the unknown with faith and courage and an expanded vision of who you can become.

Your Friend,

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