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March 1, 2017

Be Like Bob

My father-in-law, Stu Granick, founded our company many years ago. In his spare time Stu would send out a monthly letter to his friends, family and colleagues. These letters usually told an interesting story with an inspirational message. Stu called his letters: Contact and over the course of a few decades sent hundreds if not thousands of these. This year I resolved to do my best to continue this tradition. Here is my first try.


As a young attorney at a big firm, the partners were often too busy to guide and mentor the young associates. Lucky for me, I knew Bob Grossman. Bob’s daughter was a friend since high school and when Elaine married Cort, became the father-in-law of one of my closest friends. Bob loved all things law. When I told him that my first trial was fast approaching, Bob quickly became my study guide. He met me for lunch to discuss strategy. He called me every few hours. He watched the trial occur. He guided, questioned and advised. This was the best training I would receive in my ten years being a lawyer… provided by a friend’s dad who had no interest in the case or my law firm.


Unfortunately Bob passed away a short time ago. Sitting at the funeral I remembered my time with Bob. I started to think what could I do to help someone in the way Bob helped me. How could I be like Bob? I will be working on it and hope that by sharing this with you we can all provide help to someone else for no reason other than it being a good thing to do… how great it would be if we all were more like Bob!


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