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August 11, 2017

Thank You Creative

Dear Creative,

Through life lessons, knowledge and experience, an internship should be an experience that helps shape a student into the adult they are evolving to become while leaving the education years of their lives. This summer, Creative has given me just that. Through learning lessons day in and day out, whether it be  about the industry, or lessons about working in a professional workplace, this internship has helped me take the necessary steps to becoming an adult and being prepared for the workforce as my college years come to an end. While sitting in meetings and helping with projects throughout the summer I was able to learn and experience the ins and outs of the industry. Not only was I able to learn about the industry, but I was taken in with open arms by the family over at Creative Promotional Products. I was able to spend time with the wonderful people that work at Creative. After experiencing how smart and hard working the staff is at Creative I know that they will continue to thrive and help promote businesses for the years to come. I hope nothing more than to cross paths with the wonderful staff over at Creative Promotional Products and I wish them all the best. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity I was given this summer and I will take what I learned with me as I continue to grow through the end of my educational years.  Thank you Creative.


Sincerely your intern,


Ari Kamensky

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