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Take A Break With These Mugs/TumblersNovember 28, 2017

Take A Break With These Mugs/Tumblers

During Thanksgiving, many people took this opportunity to spend time with family or simply relax from work. While it seems like most people would utilize this break to recharge from work, it actually makes it very hard to go back. With the extended weekend and no alarms, the following week can become a real struggle. Some people may attempt to sleep earlier, set more alarms, or wake up in time for breakfast in order to alleviate some of the pain of returning to real life; however, there’s only one true “pick-me-up”, and it’s called coffee (or tea for the avid non-coffee drinkers). Unfortunately, many of us either own an old, simple function mug that we got years ago, a tumbler that doesn’t truly keep your liquids hot, or we just don’t have any proper drink ware. With that in mind, here are some unique mugs and tumblers to keep you going for the rest of the year!

You’ve probably seen coffee mugs all over your house or office. They aren’t hard things to come by; however, the right mug is. Two issues that I always have with mugs is that they create the classic coffee ring on your table, and they make a loud noise every time you set your mug on the table. It’s disgusting and distracting. With the Cork Base Ceramic Mug, these issues are completely resolved. The cork base on this mug acts as a natural coaster. Not only does it prevent any stain, but you also can set your mug anywhere at any time without having to carry a coaster. In addition, the cork material allows for a soft landing that doesn’t create any disrupting sounds that affects your coworkers around you. Lastly, general mugs are completely open, which forces people to be extra careful when carrying hot coffee around the office. This mug comes with an open-close lid to prevent common spillage, and allows you to roam around freely without fear of your hand burning.

Now, not everyone has the luxury of making their coffee at work. If you’re the on-the-go type of person, the 16 oz. Vortex Persona® 360° Vacuum Tumbler will be your new best friend. As any other quality tumbler, the Vortex Persona® is made of stainless steel, and a deep draw liner with a copper lining to keep your liquids at the perfect temperature. However, it’s patent pending 360° push-button drink through lid is where it takes it from standard to extraordinary. This feature allows for you to take it from any angle, and drink it comfortably no matter what. No more twisting your wrist or tumbler looking for the mouth opening. In addition, it comes with 16 different colors for its accent band, which makes it a perfect item for any occasion or business.

While the Vortex Tumbler is unique in its colors, the 12 oz. Urban Peak® Insulated Tumbler is unique in its functionality. Some people require a hot coffee or tea to wake them up in the morning, and some people prefer an ice cold soda for a quick energy boost. The issue here is that people tend to want coffee in the morning and soda throughout the day. The problem with a standard tumbler is that you have to clean out the coffee before reusing for anything cold. Why waste time cleaning when you can simply change the function in an instant? The Urban Peak Tumbler has 2 screw on lids that allows it to be a tumbler or koozie. The clear lid helps you see how much liquid you have left while sealing tight for leak prevention. When you’re ready for that ice cold drink, simply screw on the rubberized ring and slip in a 12 oz. can or bottle. Problem solved.


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