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Score On Your Next Promotion: Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand During March MadnessMarch 8, 2016

Score On Your Next Promotion: Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand During March Madness

It’s that time of the year when college basketball sees a spike in the T.V ratings. Fans from across the country tune in to cheer for their favorite teams.  A well thought out promotional marketing campaign can make your brand stand out from the thousands of brands vying for the attention of the fans/consumer.

If you don’t have a budget for an all inclusive trip to the Bahamas, a better use of funds might be premium branded products that tie into the theme of March Madness. The great thing about branded products is that unlike a trip that will last a few days,  a promo product has the ability to generate impressions well after the time of the promotion.  For example, one idea for a promotion could be customized Dr. Beats Headphones.  What better way to promote your brand than to logo one of the most heavily endorsed headphones by some of the world’s greatest athletes.

Promotions shouldn’t stop with your consumers. Promo items  are a great way to build camaraderie amongst employees. Whether it be creating a one-on-one basketball tournament with team jerseys, or creating fun office challenges with March Madness themed prizes,  you are creating a fun atmosphere and building team unity.

The simple way to get your brand recognized is to spread it among the masses. In 2015, the NCAA tournament averaged 11.3 million total viewers according to Nielson Fast Nationals.  We all know getting a top TV advertising spot can cost a fortune, so why not get creative with your marketing dollars.  Promotional products have consistently ranked ahead of TV and magazine ads for cost per impression, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon.  Sponsoring a game day giveaway is a great way to generate brand awareness, but creatively choosing your promotional item will ensure it is memorable.  For example, during the tournament, your brand may consider giving out rally towels with generated numbers that are used in random drawings for  bigger prizes like basketballs and jerseys.  These prizes can then be cross-promoted with your brands social media page to create a buzz with fans.

Creating an interactive experience is what fans really want, and promotional products are intended to do just that. The next time you are creating your annual marketing budget, remember what promotional products can do for your brand.

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