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Product Feature: Webcam CoversApril 5, 2017

Product Feature: Webcam Covers

Webcam covers provides high impressions while also providing privacy protection. They are compatible with computers, labtops, smart tvs, monitors, and some external webcams. This is the perfect item to send out for employee gifts, safety programs, and trade shows.


August 2016- FBI Director James Comey admitted that he puts tape over his webcam cover due to remote access Trojans (RATS).

August 2015- 100 people form 16 different countries have been arrested in the Black Shades webcam hacking scam that has infected 500,000 computers.

February 2014-UK, US spies hacked into 1.5 million Yahoo user webcams.  10% of all content was of a sexual nature.

September 2013-Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf  ‘Sextortion’ plot, sentenced to 18 months in prison.

May 2012-Aaron’s  Inc “rent-to-own” was sued for $610K for webcam spying on its customers.

February 2010- Philadelphia school district was sued for webcam spying on students with laptops that were sent home.  Total cost over $2 million in settlement and attorney fees.

September 2010- Rutgers University student commits suicide after roommate webcam spied on him and found out he was gay.

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