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Product Feature: Arc Inversion UmbrellaFebruary 15, 2017

Product Feature: Arc Inversion Umbrella

Did you know? 25% of U.S. Consumers own promotional umbrellas. The trend of umbrellas in the promotional world is going up, and brand marketers need to take notice! We wanted to take a traditional style and put a unique spin to it! Introducing our Rebel Umbrella.

Product Feature:
-48” arc inverted style umbrella
-Contrasting color on underside
-Manual open/close
– Pongee Fabric
-Straight rubberized finger grip, handle
-Umbrella closes away from you, thus keeping you dry when closing
– Easier to close when entering or leaving a car or through a door

Umbrellas Facts:
– More than half of consumers state they would be more likely to do business with the advertiser who game them the umbrella.
-Ownership of promo umbrellas trends upward with age.
-Umbrellas are useful: 83% of consumers in the U.S. state they would keep a promotional umbrella because it’s useful.
-Over their lifespan, umbrellas generate over 1,300 impressions.
-Women are more likely than men to own promo umbrellas.

The point is umbrellas are here to stay.

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