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Must-Have Products for the Fall Season: RunningOctober 13, 2017

Must-Have Products for the Fall Season: Running

Running. The one thing that stands between many people and a healthy lifestyle. It takes a lot of time, requires a lot of energy, and takes a considerable amount of determination. But let’s be real here. Even if we had all of the time and energy, we’re going to find some excuse to stay in. Whether it’s because you want to listen to your favorite running tunes, you don’t know where to put your phone, or it’s just too cold to run outside, we’ve got you covered (literally).

When I say “literally”, I mean it. If you decide to run in the cold, fall weather, you need to cover up and stay warm. Most of your clothes can be something standard like your hoodie, sweats, socks, and beanie because they generally don’t have other uses besides keeping you warm; however, your gloves are something that can be utilized for more than just warmth. These Touch Screen Gloves, as the name implies, can provide so much more than just coverage. They have two conductive fingers on each glove that allows you to use your phone without having to expose your hands to the cold.

And ultimately, it’s always about our phones. Even if we’re supposed to be running, we just have to send that Snap or post on our Instagram Story proving that we run. But you know what, we’re not here to judge. Snap your life away. However, during those times that you are actually running, we want to make it easier for you to carry your phone without having to hold it. It’s not an unbearable task to hold it, but it’s a bit inconvenient. Wouldn’t you rather use the Elastix Armband and be hands-free when you need to be?

Now that we have our hands warm and hands-free, there’s one thing that’s an essential for any runner, and that’s music. Running is dreadful enough as it is. Why not spice up your run with some motivational, Rocky-esque tunes that’ll make you forget how badly your legs are burning? Of course, no city in the world will be playing the exact music that you want in the exact location that you are in. It’s also a little silly to carry around speakers, and may disturb those around you. With those very tempting options out of the way, it only makes sense to have some high quality wireless earbuds such as the Hitch Bluetooth Earbuds. The fact that these are wireless help keep unnecessary distractions away from your arms as you run. In addition, they come with ear hooks for added support, ear cushions for comfort, and a microphone/controller that will give you the ability to take incoming phone calls without having to take your phone out of the arm band.

Now that you have all your essentials, there are no more excuses for you to not go out and take a jog….unless of course there’s a new episode of Game of Thrones. Watch that, then go out for a jog.


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