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Must-Have Products for the Fall Season: ApparelSeptember 8, 2017

Must-Have Products for the Fall Season: Apparel

As the trees’ leaves start to change colors, and the temperature starts to drop, people begin to transition into a form of hibernation where they can stay nice and warm. Consequently, the fall season, or what’s widely known as “sweater weather”, is the perfect time to for you to be showing off without showing too much. Because we want you to experience the beauty of autumn, we have 2 perfect items for men and women to keep them warm, and stylish all season long.

Port Authority Ladies’ Interlock Cardigan

Cardigans tend to be one of the most popular pieces of apparel for the fall season. Most cardigans will provide great style, but sometimes it just may not be professional enough for the workplace. Blazers, on the other hand, may allow for the sophistication that you need, but they tend to be tight, restricting, and downright uncomfortable. The Port Authority Interlock Cardigan provides both a sophisticated style and comfort. Why compromise one for the other when you are able to achieve both? This lightweight, dual-colored cardigan layers seamlessly and has an appeal that will never go out of style. In addition, because we’re sure you’ll love this product, you can get them in 4 different colors to wear throughout the week.

Wicked Woven Men’s Dress Shirt

Fall weather can be quite tricky when it comes to your outfit. You don’t want to wear too little for the fear of catching a cold, but you also don’t want to layer too much in the event of a major sweating incident. Not only is sweating profusely out of your back and armpits embarrassing, it can create a very distinct odor that may keep your coworkers away from you. Thankfully, Wicked Woven has created a dress shirt with their signature Vansport moisture-wicking fabric that allows for breathability and comfort all day long. In fact, because it comes in 7 different colors, you can have one for each day of the week. Experience the freedom and never be embarrassed again.


Men’s Summit Sweater-Fleece Jacket/Women’s Summit Sweater-Fleece Jacket

Now some people may be thinking that they aren’t necessarily the “night out” kind of person. Maybe a night out means staying at home binge watching Game of Thrones or reading that one book you just can’t put down. Regardless of whatever your night looks like at home, one thing is certain and it’s that you’ll most likely be wearing something comfortable that isn’t impressing anyone. However, why can’t comfortable be stylish? With the Men’s and Women’s Summit Sweater-Fleece Jacket, you’ll be able to kick back on the couch looking and feeling good.

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