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Bringing Creativity to Your OfficeDecember 7, 2017

Bringing Creativity to Your Office

Your office space is a small depiction of you as a person. Whether you have a messy, organized, hip, or classy desk, it quietly speaks about who you are. Unfortunately, sometimes you simply don’t have the right products to showcase your desk the way you want. Here are some incredible options to upgrade your office space.

Woodgrain Look Notebook with Sticky Notes/Flags

In my personal opinion, you can never have enough notebooks. Even though we live in a world where computers and tablets have taken over, written notes will have value in any office. It’s an effective way to remember things when you’re in a meeting, on a phone call, or as a reminder of future assignments. Unfortunately, despite their value, notebooks can become very boring and mundane, which causes it to lose its appeal. Instead of giving the same old notebook, upgrade to the Woodgrain Look Notebook with Sticky Notes/Flags. Upon first glance, you can already see how this notebook is different. The woodgrain look on the thermo polyurethane cover gives this notebook a modern and classy visual appeal while providing a quality cover for the notebook itself. In terms of functionality, this notebook will definitely do more than you’d expect. This features a unique hooked closure that keeps the cover secure over a 70 page lined note pad, sticky flags in 5 neon colors, and sticky notes. In addition, it comes with a matching pen that has a paper barrel, so that you don’t have to worry about remembering to carry a pen with you wherever you go. Leave your old notebooks behind and take this all in one notebook that gives a premium feel with ultimate functionality.

Build-A-City Die-Cut Desk Calendar

Everyone has either a stand-up or hanging calendar in their office or cubicle. They’re extremely useful, but why have it when you can simply check your phone. That’s why it’s important that if you want a quick and easy calendar, it has to be irreplaceable. Without a doubt, the Build-A-City Die-Cut Desk Calendar cannot be matched by a simple phone calendar. Now, this isn’t ideal for taking notes or writing down events; however, it’s large enough to fit 6 months on the front and 6 months on the back while having clear visibility of the months. The biggest catch here is how it looks. When you check your calendar for the date, you simply look at it. With the City Calendar, people around you will be staring at it. It’s more than just a calendar. It’s a piece of art that seamlessly fits on your desk.

Wooden 3-Piece Desk Set

Just like the City Calendar, you want more items on your desk that are a part of your desk rather than just on it. You don’t want to just pile your desk with meaningless items that may work well, but doesn’t fit well. Something that is still trending and has a timeless look has been the use of wood. The first item mentioned had the woodgrain look, which goes to show that even simply the print itself is popular. People love to have the modern use of wood products in their daily lives, and when you put that in the office, it brings in a sense of nature and the outside world onto your desk. With the wooden 3-Piece Desk Set, you’ll be able to add a touch of nature with a modern style while you work. This set includes a tape dispenser, a stapler, and a pen cup, all of which are wooden and matching. This allows for you to truly bring your desk completely together.

Atrium Glass Business Card Holder

While the wooden 3-Piece Desk Set may give a young, modern look, many people may prefer to provide a classy, professional feel. The Atrium Glass Business Card Holder is the perfect option that shows class in such a small package. This glass letter business card holder will keep every desk or office area organized while capturing the brilliance of light for a beautiful display. This is definitely an item that no on will forget.

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